India’s missing girls: Can a portable ultrasound ban stop sex-selective abortions?

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Can a ban on portable ultrasounds stop sex-selective abortions? Some experts say stricter enforcement of existing laws could convince parents not to abort girls.

Anticorruption Movement Leader Stirs Passions in India

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More than 10,000 take to the streets of New Delhi to protest corruption. An anticorruption activist in India is released from jail; Syrian forces fire on protesters; and China’s press plays down a brawl between American and Chinese basketball teams.

Deadly Bomb Blasts in Delhi


A New Delhi courthouse gets hit by the second terrorist bombing in less than four months, raising questions about India’s ability to provide security. Reporter Poh Si Teng’s husband is caught in the Delhi bomb blast. Hours after a powerful

India: Armed and Dangerous

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Project for GlobalPost from 2010. Part 1: Illegal guns plague Indian cities Part 2: India’s own Charlton Hestons Part 3: Trading Gandhi for guns

Energy Entrepreneurs: Converting Food Waste to Energy in India

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Food waste biogasification in Kerala, India.

Energy Entrepreneurs: Using Rice Husks to Create Electricity in India

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Rice husks used to make electricity in rural India.

India’s Looming Food Crisis

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India faces a looming food crisis.

India’s Killer Roads

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India’s killer roads.

Exposing India’s Fraudulent Sex Doctors

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A doctor shortage sparks an industry of dubious advice. Sex clinics claim they can cure venereal diseases and boost sexual powers with rare herbs and tonics.