Austerity Plan in Greece Passes Amid Violent Protests

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Greece’s parliament passes the austerity plan, averting an immediate financial crisis, but sparking violent protests for a second day.

Who Killed the Doctors?

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Authorities in India’s Uttar Pradesh are trying to figure out how the killing of three prominent doctors fit into the country’s systematic corruption.

India Rising, Off the Grid

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Gurgaon, a booming suburb of New Delhi has become the symbol for development in India. It seems to have everything, except a functioning citywide sewer, reliable electricity or water, or decent roads.

India’s Poor Struggle for Shelter

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As millions of Indians have moved to the cities for work, illegal and shoddy housing construction is mushrooming all over the impoverished neighborhoods of New Delhi to meet the demand.

Indian Wedding Band Blues

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Wedding season is just around the corner, and soon the streets of Delhi will be full of marching brass bands in colorful, shiny, ill-fitting jackets and pants. No north Indian wedding seems to be complete without sonorous trumpets and drums

India: The Temp Work Force

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An Indian employment agency is training tens of thousands of workers in an effort to circumvent the country’s strict labor laws, which protect workers but make it difficult for employers to fire them.

India: The Next Generation

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Ahead of President Obama’s visit, young Indians shared their thoughts on the relationship between the two countries.

Peace and Roti at the Golden Temple in Amritsar

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The Golden Temple in Amritsar is the holiest shrine of the Sikh religion. It is also home to one of the largest free eateries in the world.

Riding the Indian Railways

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Since train travel is the only affordable option for many Indians, 7 billion passengers a year ride the railways. The system has been stretched to its limit.